New claims that Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper contains a hidden image of a woman holding a child are provoking a storm of interest on the internet.

The figure allegedly appears when the 15th Century mural painting is superimposed with its mirror image, and both are made partially transparent.

(The title was sarcasm - my sister has her art history degree)

From the Telegraph UK, via Coast to Coast AM


  1. Anonymous said...

    Secret image 'found' in Last Supper
    Madonna, Templar hidden in masterpiece, says expert.
    Pesci Slavisa has indeed found one of the many of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Pictures Within Picture, outside the box, outside the frame”, or did he? Question the process he used to find these images and then question his process used to duplicate the mirror images, afterward question Mr. Slavisa again, then in which take a good look at the original invention by Leonardo da Vinci, the perpendicular reverse mirror image process and the optical illusion, researched, discovered and documented in “2005”, in his various paintings, originally discovered by Mr. Michael W. Domoretsy and “The daVinci project in 2005”. We congratulate Mr. Slavisa on independently duplicating something, but surely it was not Leonardo’s thought process or intention. Yes, for the first time in five hundred years after Leonardo’s lifetime I invite you to the viewing Mr. Domoretsky’s “ discoveries of the perpendicular reverse mirror image process and the optical illusion process Leonardo invented. Only then one will surely see the “true code.” We welcome independent corroboration and recognition of the mirror imaging process, discovered in “2005 by Domoretsky and the project. Now come and see the true code encrypted in Leonard’s masterpieces. You be the judge. The links to the perpendicular reverse mirror imaging process, invented by Leonardo da Vinci and discovered by
    Michael W. Domoretsky in 2005, The True Code!
    As usual, as is our experience repeated time and time again, renowned art critics and professed art experts, such Vittorio Scarbi and many others, base their opinions on accepted art world and art education precepts looking at DaVinci’s works as artists not scientists, inventors and very likely a member of the Mason’s guild (though unproven). Few if any of these “accepted” experts have read his notes in detail or studied the man himself and thus fail to understand and make the connection that he worked outside the box. DaVinci was known to have used mirrors extensively in his writings. It is therefore highly likely and to be expected that he would do something similar in his paintings if he sought to hide ideas, concepts or opinions.
    We submit that only someone “as ignorant as a goat” could fail even to consider that a man of DaVinci’s genius and propensity for innovation might possibly think and communicate outside the box, with hidden images, or hide his, what might possibly be considered, heretic or dangerous free thinking ideas by encrypting them in his works of art.
    As always it is difficult to persuade experts professing established thought in any field to consider new, alternate or previously UN accepted ideas…. But then the experts thought the world was flat for centuries…
    The da Vinci Project
    Managing Director, Michael W. Domoretsky / Director: M. Graham Noll

    The DaVinci project has been under way since 2005 with hundreds of “Pictures within Pictures.”. We are in the process of building a comprehensive documentary presenting these extraordinary findings.
    Leonardo da Vinci, " Pictures Within Pictures "
    Outside the box, outside the frame
    An intimate and divine truth hidden for centuries at last unveiled in the Mona Lisa, and yes, in other of Leonardo's works including his first recorded drawing, the Landscape of the Arno Valley and his masterpiece, The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and the infant St. John the Baptist, “the Last Supper” and others as well.
    Anew never before recognized perspective hidden for five hundred years in plain sight, Emerges! Leonardo's message,’ Pictures Within Pictures’
    Outside the box, outside the frame
    Five hundred years after Leonardo's lifetime, his genius and message come to light in mirrors and optical illusions. His " secret code " has been hidden in plain sight to be deciphered outside the original borders of the painting using a " perpendicular reverse mirror image process." Leonardo, (actually Lionardo ) was a man of formidable intellect, talent, craft and most importantly a man of curiosity who observed " truth " in the world in all its forms...Physical, Philosophical, and Religious. He was hundreds of years ahead of his time, constrained by the religious tenets and politics of his day. As a result he was unable to express reality, as he perceived it, and so devised a means by which to conceal his truths from all those whom he did not want to understand them for fear of persecution. Being a man of science and art as well as one of the most inventive men of all time, he appears to have imbued his art with multiple levels of meaning; at one level beautiful works of art...On a second and un-deciphered level, until Michael Domoretsky discovered the images it in 2005, appears to challenge the dogma of his day and pass on his beliefs, observations and truths using a process that only one who perceived the world outside the accepted realm, a scientist or mathematician might discover.
    The more in-dept and familiar one becomes with Leonardo the man, the more these unique finds make sense. Unlike other artist that are painters first, painting what they see or the impression of what they see, Leonardo appears to have been a scientist and inventor first, then artist, using his sharp powers of observation and reason to create both timeless works of art and as yet not fully deciphered messages for those not limited by traditional thinking.
    The more carefully his words, deeds, apparent opinions and interest are studied
    The more credence can be given to his seeking to preserve his thoughts and observations by unorthodox means.
    Leonardo left clues... He was credited with having said; the eye, " Who would believe that so small a space could contain the images of all the universe." Leonardo believed that the perception by the eye; light, dark, shadow, and perspective held the secrets of the world. Hence, when you include Leonardo's life long fascination with mirrors and writing backward it appears likely that he would choose to use constructs and concepts familiar and unique to him to transmit and yet hide from a restrictive and turbulent society, his most treasured messages.
    For hundreds of years scholars have continued to study Leonardo's priceless works of art using the most cutting edge technologies available. In recent times millions of dollars have been allocated to perform all types of scientific studies seeking to determine if Leonardo hid anything underneath his finished works...all within the frame of his artworks. The plain and obvious truth is that he did hide things… however Leonardo was forced to work within the limitations and utilized the technologies of his day. His meanings are in plain sight but only for those able to think outside the box and frame. All of the writings and documents relating to Leonardo, point to his being deliberate and patient in everything he did, both in his creations and his art; so it would appear all but inconceivable that in his major and personally treasured works, that every detail would have been a deliberate act of thought, and not an inadvertent inclusion. A minor anomaly in a masterpiece might happen, though unlikely in multiple of masterpieces by such a perfectionist. Clearly recognizable, perfectly formed symmetrical symbols on both sides of his best masterpieces, utilizing mirrors, a technique Leonardo was well know to have used, make it being anything but intentional, all but impossible. You be the judge.
    We welcome comments by all interested parties and will post appropriate comments.
    All rights reserved, no unauthorized copying or republishing without express written permission by owner.
    Copyright; Michael W. Domoretsky / / 2005~2007~
    Da Vinci and the Secret of the Mona Lisa, article by: ThothWeb,
    The da Vinci Project
    Managing Director: Michael W. Domoretsky Director: M. Graham Noll

  2. Anonymous said...

    Going anon here to avoid the psychos.

    OK - let's pretend DaVinci put all these secret things in his paintings. What does that mean?

    That he was a crazy conspiracy theorist who also happened to be an artist. If he were alive today, he'd be all over the chemtrails shit too.

    Never thought I'd say this, but Fuck DaVinci, backward writing, child molesting (look it up) Satanist.

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