Double Moons...

So last night at dinner it was brought to my attention that there was going to be a "double moon."

Apparently, according to my source, this is a mirage caused by something I can't remember and the Native Americans sometimes referred to it as a Corn Moon and it signifies the start of Fall.

Needless to say I was psyched. And well.... that's the moon in the photograph. It did appear exceptionally large on the horizon last night (this was about quarter to 10). But unfortunately no double moon.

I've googled it and there are some sites that say it's tonight - and they are pagan in nature. I only found one mention of it scientifically. Of course, I also found out that there was a lunar eclipse last night or rather this morning. Unfortunately when I see eclipse on the 28th I think "oh, it'll start tonight," not that it started at 4am this morning. So I missed that too.

Although, I am crossing my fingers that there *could* be this "double moon" tonight and I'll get to see it.


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