The Fair

So last week, July 4th to be exact, we went to the Fair. It is apparently the largest free gate fair in Virginia.

We meant mainly to walk around because I don't like dying or getting near Carnies (no offense to Carnies, but you scare me). We saw the "World's Largest Horse," he was a Belgian and was 19 1/2 hands, about 6'6" tall... he was big but certainly not the world's largest I suspect.

We also paid a dollar to see the "World's Smallest Horse." He was just like the miniature horse in the petting zoo which we could see for free. When I showed my Mom the picture (which I wasn't supposed to take apparently) she told me that she'd seen miniature horses much smaller than that.

Anyways, after the "World's Largest Horse" we went passed the Fried Oreo vendor. Me, I've never heard of them. However, the girl we were with will get them when she's at "the shore." For those from the South like me - the shore is the general beach area... the sand is the beach, there's a difference. We decided to come back and try some and continued our loop around.

Many rednecks and would-be punks later we passed The Zipper. This was the ride we used to all come for when I was in middle school because, well, it was the most intriguing ride at the Fair. This ride is long with tiny rocking carts lining it (picture below). As the main part of the ride rotates the cars it also spins itself in a circle... thus making the carts spin violently while you're being spun backwards... if that makes sense. One not-so-fun time my sister got stuck mid-air because someone had thrown-up and they had to get him off. The ride was also a wonderful introduction to whiplash.

15 - 20 years later - it's the same machine. No thank you. Besides my dislike for whiplash, that thing can't be safe and I don't want a 12-year-old puking on me.

Next... pig racing. That's right, racing pigs. They've been there every single year the Fair has but this was the first year that I happened to pass by as they were racing. And I have video!

Winner got an Oreo.

So on that note - on to the Fried Oreos! Much intrigued by them we went back and we tried them. Normally I don't like Oreos at all... but these things were incredibly good... I actually felt guilty for liking them so much. I don't know if I could've eaten more than two but I decided not to try - I'm sure my arteries thanked me. ;)

After the Oreos was the petting zoo - the highlight was the baby giraffe as my sister LOVES giraffes and got to feed it. We meant to go back so she could feed it again, but never managed to.

So, slideshow:


  1. Will said...

    I love that pig racing video! :D

  2. anna kate said...

    oh, wow -- the fair, what (now unrepressed) memories...

    Being from GA, we've similar Fair experiences. Except I was never brave enough to try the fried oreo. Those people will fry anything. At the county fair in Dublin, Georgia, they'll serve you fried Twinkies. FRIED. TWINKIES. Just when you thought Twinkies couldn't possibly be any unhealthier... Deep fry!

    And I love that pig racing video. So absurd and cute. Also, slightly more disturbing than the world's smallest horse, did you get a look at the world's smallest woman? Like the smallest horse, she isn't super tiny, but it's still weird walking in a line past a midget behind a curtain, knitting in a rocking chair for little people.

    I could go on and on but then we'd have to hang a sign: "World's Largest Comment".

  3. Thinking In Vain said...

    I did see her! But several years ago. She was still there so I have pictures of her new attraction - much better than her tent from the last time.

    The first time though we all thought it would be fake and we'd all laugh. We felt horrible when we left because they hid her in a box that you had to look down over.

  4. James-H said...

    There are definitely a couple nice pictures in there: Giant Horse and the Dave Matthews cover art in particular. Keep your eyes peeled for the deep fried Snickers bar. Hoo boy.

  5. Thinking In Vain said...

    Thank you! :)

    Deep fried Snickers? Wow...

  6. Paintings of Horses said...

    The title of this article reminds me about the painting of the "Horse Fair"

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