Pet Peeves

There's nothing like coming back after a week off and coming into your nice clean office and realizing that it's not nice and clean because everyone has been in there looking for things. Things they can't put back where they got them and instead are thrown all over my desk and every other flat surface.

And what, I'm the only one who can wash a dish?

Anyways, more later. :D

p.s. I think the squirrels are back... I hear them scurrying above me - nevermind it's a dog.


  1. czeltic girl said...

    Oooh. Huge pet peeve of mine, too.

    Secondary pet peeve: Turning on my monitor and finding multiple open documents scattered across my screen. Fine, ok. You needed to print things from my computer. But can you not close the docs when you're through with them?

  2. Thinking In Vain said...

    Aha yes, I hate that too... and more often does that happen than the trashing of the office.

    Although one time my boss left food. I realize my computer is faster than her laptop, but damn throw your trash away.

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