• If it's 5am and the streets are virtually empty – is it really necessary for the fire trucks and police cars to have their sirens on?

  • If you're going 65mph down the Interstate, perhaps it's not the best idea to expectorate your gross chewing tobacco spit out the window.

There's a woman outside of a local surgical clinic, she's been there every morning – rain, snow, freezing cold, broiling hot sun – protesting the clinic because her husband nearly died from a hernia operation. It has something to do with tacks or staples and lousy care and a lot of pain. She's been doing this for well over a year. I've never once seen an article in the local paper, but I thought maybe I'd missed it. I don't think so now.

One of the freelance PR people we use was coming in this morning and she made a comment about her and that's when I told her she'd been out there for quite a long time. Her husband was with her and he'd seen her too.

I, personally, think it's interesting how nothing has been said about the woman. Shows how powerful some doctors around here must be.

But the interesting comment came from my boss. As we walked in she asked what we were talking about. When we told her, she rolled her eyes and she goes, "I know, it's just exhausting."

Yeah, that wasn't my point at all. The woman is out there before 7 until about 10 every day the clinic is open standing on the corner and it's exhausting to you to have to look at?

I hope I misunderstood her comment.


  1. captain flummox said...

    Are you mac? imovie makes some sense to me.

  2. captain flummox said...

    Why not take a pic with that spiffy new camera? Snag some audio? Give her a voice? Point her to a free blog service? I hope you misunderstood that comment, too.

  3. Jetpacks said...


    Very Nice!™

  4. Thinking In Vain said...

    Of course I'm on a mac. :)

    I don't have iMovie here at home - I'll have to look at work, I think all I have is iDVD and it did not like me messing with it this morning.

    I sort of thought about suggesting a blog to her several months ago but forgot about it. That's an excellent idea. :)

    Jetpacks: It was my $0.25 word for the day. :)

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