Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that voted and shared the link to the People's Choice Award.

Voting seems to be over, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed. :)

Exposure Photography Competition


Paper Darth project from Lobulo on Vimeo.

This is super cool and amazingly beautiful. See the finished image and others at Lobulo Design. Some are NSFW if you visit the gallery.

You're Wrong

A handlebar mustache IS right for every occasion. Sorry Heineken Light.

Filmography 2011

I don't think I saw half these, but this makes them seem more interesting.

BRNO HDR from samadhi production on Vimeo.

Just beautiful. Make sure you have your earphones in, the music compliments it well. (via)

Claymation + Indiana Jones

Happy Friday

Enjoy. So you can literally LOL. I have tears of laughter.

NorthPoleAgency's twitter account via

Creepy dolls are made worse by creepy doll parties. Thanks Dave.

(Dave's blog)

Hero from Miguel Endara on Vimeo.

(original – tweeted by @McKinney)


Since tomorrow is hump day – YOU'RE WELCOME.

Since you're feeling so grateful – you should go vote for my photography.



What do we have today? Oh the Trent Reznor & Atticus Finch sountrack for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is available for pre-order. Also a free 6-track sample and the 8 minute trailer. They're instrumentals so my copywriter friends are in luck.

If you follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook – I love AR games. Or anything with puzzles. Even if I do tend to suck at them. I played the Starbucks Game with Lady Gaga and I won free coffee. Better than nothing.

Now the promotion for TGWTDT is going on (and has been), and yeah I'm attempting to play that too.

Unfortunately, I'm not good AND I don't live in a big city likely to have a prize. Either way I'm super excited for this movie and for playing the game.

If you want some background and what's been happening, Mentorless has been doing a fantastic recap job. And I'll not try to even go there. The blogger even found Lisbeth Salander's jacket from the movie.

If you want to play too, clues get posted to and to their twitter.

For other designers/ADs, the razor blade poster is awesome and there's a super cool video about the process. I want one.

Oh You Guys

Since Polar Bears and Coke go with Christmas... I know... it's ADORABLE.



The video sounds like it's VOed by a robot – which makes it even better. This is awesome.

These images are incredible. And all done with Photoshop and Flash. See more here.

Having WAY to much fun with this.


I feel sorry for Santa.
Not a fan.

That's the worst one.

The Artic Circle

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