Am I officially old when I thought that those kids seemed a little young to be doing some of those dance moves?

Also agreeing with commenters from the Mashable article that this isn't *really* a flash mob...

I'm making Peanut Butter Button Cookies.

photo by bakerella, via maedchenmitherz

How fun would that be?! Found via EpiCute.

Cool Maps

[Image: Work by Shannon Rankin, taken from the artist's Flickr page].

BLDGBLOG has a new post about an artist who manipulates maps. Go look.

Check out the lower left-hand corner. Via PassiveAggressiveNotes.com


These are addictive. You're welcome.

I'm in serious danger of eating the whole box.

Wait, What?

You mean to tell me that the Mother would NEVER have shared that her son started walking? Let's be honest here.

Every Day Life

Go. Look. Enjoy.

Via The Photo Argus

I completely lost track of time! This little thing was 3 years old on March 7th. While I'm sure some of you are glad I no longer post 5 – 6 times a day, we need to revive this thing.

I'll see what I can do about that.

Unsinkable Art

CREEPY! I don't care if they are beat-boxing.


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