I love this. Zoomify! via

Actually, I find this fairly fantastic.


The Thomas Beale Cipher from Andrew S Allen on Vimeo.

Super cool. Especially since I grew up with this. And have been dragged out looking for it. :)


Your Welcome

How about we quit being proud of creepy looking robots? Only announce your new robot if it looks cool as hell and not like a worm.

Via AdPulp

That is made of salt. SALT.


(click for bigger... )


I think this needs to adorn my desk. Both at home and at work... so I must buy two! :) You know, to console myself now that no one is developing kodachrome anymore.


It's always fun to see three favorite things together. (Legos, stop-motion and an awesome™ mustache)

I always had to go to a friend's house to build the really cool stuff – like pirate ships and space stations. This makes me want to go out and buy the stuff I never had as a kid and spend the weekend with my nose in some Lego directions.


I LIKE this logo.

Seriously. And I'm not one for the "people holding hands" theme. If someone wants that or suggests it for a logo I usually ignore them. So in my opinion, they took the hokiest concept and made it quite pleasing... not like that other... thing.

See more about the logo at Brand New.

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